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As the first woman in the history of New York to lead a legislative conference, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins brings the voices of women to the table at the highest levels of State government.

In the face of unrelenting attacks from the Trump Administration, Andrea Stewart-Cousins has stood up as one of the strongest advocates for women in New York State.

• Senator Stewart-Cousins co-sponsors the Reproductive Health Act which would cement a woman’s right to choose into New York State law. With the issue of choice looming over a conservative Supreme Court, her leadership on the RHA is more critical than ever.
• Senator Stewart-Cousins is a staunch advocate for pay equity in New York State
• Senator Stewart-Cousins is leading the fight to improve New York’s sexual harassment laws.
• Senator Stewart-Cousins played a key role in creating New York’s paid family leave law, the most comprehensive in the nation
• Senator Stewart-Cousins is a strong supporter of the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act which would improve access to contraceptives for women by requiring insurance companies to cover all FDA approved contraceptive options.