There is a new day dawning for a new New York.

When my colleagues elected me as the Democratic Conference Leader in 2012, I became the first woman in New York State history to lead a legislative conference. This was a major crack in the glass ceiling in Albany, but we have an opportunity to shatter it if the Democrats are in the majority and my colleagues choose to make me the Majority Leader next year.

As leader of the Senate Democratic Conference my colleagues and I rolled up our sleeves to restore function in state government by passing four on-time budgets. Working with the Governor we transformed the state’s economy, created new jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest levels in over 50 years and made record investments in our State’s education system.

But so much work was left undone because the Democratic Conference was not in the Majority. We are still fighting for a real increase in the minimum wage because we know that $8 an hour is not sufficient. We are still fighting for common sense campaign finance and ethics reforms because we who live in the 35th Senate District and all New Yorkers deserve a government that serves the people with honesty and integrity. And even in 2014, we are still fighting for women’s equality including pay equity, protections for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and a guarantee that women have the right to make personal health decisions. All of these issues are important to our quality of life every day. The fight must continue.

But I can’t do it alone. I need your continued support.



Andrea Stewart-Cousins
New York State Senator, 35th District
Democratic Conference Leader


"As the Democratic leader, Stewart-Cousins says that she’s tried to change the negative narrative surrounding the conference by “showing and demonstrating every day that we hear [our constituents], we get it, we’re serious, we understand the need for accountability, we understand the need for integrity and honesty and transparency and moving a progressive agenda and doing it in a way that brings dignity and pride to New Yorkers.”

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— Westchester Magazine (September 2014), "Andrea Stewart-Cousins: The Quiet Storm"