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Senator Stewart-Cousins understands that Westchester taxpayers are over-burdened. That’s why she has a strong record of lowering taxes and keeping New York affordable. She voted to lower the middle class income tax rates to the lowest levels in 60 years. She also successfully fought to cut a tax on utility bills called the 18A utility assessment. This tax cut will save businesses and individuals $300 million over the next three years.

The Senator is also keenly aware that lowering the cost of government will keep taxes down. Unfunded state mandates have placed serious financial burdens on local governments and taxpayers, but Senator Stewart-Cousins has endeavored to fight back and reduce these unnecessary costs. She sponsored legislation that is now law which makes it easier for local governments to consolidate services, and has also sponsored laws that allow flexibility in contracting and promote shared services among municipalities.

Finally, she proudly voted to cap the cost of Medicaid for County governments and supports a full State takeover of Medicaid costs. These measures have all helped cut government spending, promote efficiency and reduce waste, which allow local governments to save taxpayer dollars.