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Senator Stewart-Cousins has consistently advocated for common sense gun reform. She spearheaded the successful passage of the SAFE Act, the toughest gun control laws in the nation and has implemented successful programs in her district to cut down on gun violence.
• Senator Stewart-Cousins provided the critical votes to ban assault rifles in New York State and has strengthened the State’s background check requirements
• Senator Stewart-Cousins effectively implemented the SNUG program in Yonkers, a program that directly engages with youth in targeted areas to deescalate violence in the community through peer-to-peer engagement. The Yonkers Polices Department has credited SNUG with decreasing shootings throughout the city.
• As a Westchester County Legislator, she passed a law to create tough safe storage requirements for gun owners
• Senator Stewart-Cousins has worked closely with community leaders and law enforcement officials to improve community relations and ensure public safety